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Over the years BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has won numerous prizes and awards from various prestigious forums and competitions:



ZAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP received an award for Most Honest Insurer of 2013 in paying damages for personal injury under Civil Liability insurance. The contest is organized by the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers in partnership with the Bulgarian Association of Victims of Road Accidents. The award was presented to Mr Rumen Yanchev, MB Chairman and Executive Director of the company, at a formal ceremony which took place on the 26 November this year at Sofia Sheraton Hotel Balkan, Sredets hall.

The well-respected contest ‘Car of the Year’ was held for the 16th time in Bulgaria. Journalists from Press Auto Club Bulgaria fill out a survey which determines the car of 2013, and also distinguish the contribution of companies whose business is related to cars, road traffic safety, safe driving, investment of the year in automotive industry, fuels, insurance, car leasing, as well as the fastest-growing freight forwarder.
BULSTRAD was awarded the prize for best motor insurance products on the Bulgarian market. The four kinds of Casco insurances offered by the company were highly commended, BULSTRAD BONUS CASCO being the only product on the market which covers ‘all risks’.

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP was awarded the prize for an insurer with best property insurance products at the second ‘Insurer of the Year – 2012’ contest organized with the partnership of the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers and the Bulgarian Association of Traffic Accident Victims. The award was presented to Rumen Yanchev, chairman of the MB and executive director of the company. The winners of the contest which is organized in five categories were chosen by insurance customers who had the opportunity to vote online in the specially designed for the purpose website

2008 and 2009

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP won consecutively the "Insurer of the Year 2008" and "Insurer of the Year 2009" award in the category of General Insurance. The prize was established by the Higher School of Insurance and Finance, Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriiski Foundation and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers.

in Romania - Bulstrad PLC won the "Insurer of the Year 2007" prize of the Romanian publishing group Media XPrimm. Prizes have been awarded since 1999 for contribution to the development of insurance and pension assurance market in the Balkans. 

at the international exhibition "Banks, Investments  & Money", for product of:

in the category of General Insurance as well as
the big prize “Financial Product of the Year 2007” – awarded was the Property Combined Insurance Policy of Bulstrad PLC.


in the category of Combined Insurance and Credit Products – awarded was the Combined Insurance Policy of Bulstrad PLC and TBI Credit;

in the category of General Insurance – awarded was the Bulstrad Bonus Casco Insurance of Bulstrad PLC.

in the category of General Insurance – awarded was the Household Insurance of Bulstrad PLC.

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