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Official presentation of the new Company logo

Official presentation of the new Company logo

On 11 October 2004 the official presentation of the new logos of ТВIН Group and its member companies took place.

The main goal of establishing a new graphical vision is to outline the community of TBI Bulgaria member companies, to which Bulstrad belongs. 

The unification of the main graphical sign states and registers in a definite way the stable presence on the Bulgarian market of the Group itself, and its member companies, each of which is a proven leader in its sphere of business. 

The graphical decision is realized on the nucleus-ellipse-satellite principle. The arcs of the ellipse symbolize the community in its integrity. The opened ellipse shows that it is not a final configuration and will involve more and more services in the non-banking financial sector.

The basic colours of the logo are orange and green, which symbolize the cooperation between the Netherlands and Bulgaria. The graphic decision represents an ellipse around a circle, in which TBIH Group and TBI Bulgaria is written, and all other companies gravitate towards them. 
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