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Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is one of the largest aviation insurers in Bulgaria. The company insures aircraft and other aerial devices, owned or operated by its clients, under the General Conditions of the Company and under the Lloyd’s terms and conditions.

The aviation insurance products offered by BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP cover: Aviation Hull, Aviation Hull deductibles (including the fuselage, the engines and spare parts), Third Party Liability, Liability to passengers, their personal effects and baggage, Cargo liability, Mail, as well as war and related risks (war, strikes, civil commotion etc.) and political risk (confiscation, hi-jacking and other perils). BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP offers also the ARIEL insurance for airport owners or operators. 

Besides aircraft and helicopters the company insures delta-gliders, gliders, balloons and other aerial devices.

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is a leading company in the aviation insurance market, due to its good judgment of the market situation and the right choice of  reinsurance brokers, such as  Marsh, AON, Besso, which are the largest international brokers, and underwriters of aviation risks, such as  Lloyd’s Syndicates, Hаnnover Re, Swiss Re, AIG, GE Francona, Ingosstrakh, Lexgarant and other companies.

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