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The policy is designed for micro and small enterprises operating chiefly in the commercial and service sectors. The total insured sum for assets under this policy is up to BGN 1,000,000.

The group of assets includes:


  1. Fire (incl. the effects caused by extinguishing the fire), exposition, implosion, lightning strike, impact by aircraft or objects falling from it, natural disasters, incl. storm, hurricane, hailstorm, torrential rain, damage from falling trees and branches caused by natural disasters, frost or landslides; Pressure from natural drift of snow and ice; Water damage as a result of failure in the plumbing, sewerage, heating and steam installation and appliances attached to them; Malicious damage by third parties (vandalism); Impact on the insured property by a motor vehicle or animal which is not property of the Insured person or a person employed with him/her;

2. Window breakage caused by the covered risks under item 1, with a limit of liability amounting to 5% of the insured sum of the building.

3. Additional expenses for removing the consequences of the occurred insurance event (costs of cleaning and fees for experts), amounting to 5% of the total insured sum of the insured properties, but not more than BGN 10,000 (ten thousand)


-          Flood

-          Earthquake

-          Burglary

-          Glass – all risks

-          Malicious arson and explosion

-          Short circuit or current rush of electrical installations and/or appliances

-          Theft by use of technical devices

-          Water damage as a result of water leakage from sprinkler installations

-          Cash kept in a safe

-          Deterioration of goods

-          Public liability

-          Renter’s liability

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