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Personal Accident Travel Insurance

Personal Accident Travel Insurance

This product is designed for individuals (Bulgarian and foreign citizens) who take out insurance for themselves or for members of their family/household. This insurance can also be purchased by a group of people on business or holiday trips in the country or abroad. 

The basic risks covered include “death resulting from an accident” and “permanent disability resulting from an accident”. The cover is valid 24 hours a day for the territory of Bulgaria, abroad or both.

Against payment of additional premium the basic cover shall be extended to the following:
• Temporary disablement resulting from an accident.
• Expenses for purchase of medicines and medications prescribed by a medical practitioner.
• Daily allowance for hospital stay.
• Expenses for searching and salvation of the insured.
• Expenses for medical transportation of the insured.
• Expenses for repatriation of insured’s remains.
• Funeral or burial expenses are covered only for Bulgarian citizens.

Cover extensions are valid 24 hours a day only for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, unless otherwise agreed and against payment of additional premium.

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