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TPL in Republic of Bulgaria

TPL in Republic of Bulgaria

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP covers the civil liability of owners and drivers of motor vehicles for any bodily injury and/or death and/or property damage they have caused with the insured vehicle to third parties, for which they are legally liable according to the effective legislation.

As of 01.01.2017, the amount paid towards the Guarantee Fund under an insurance policy for Motor Third Party Liability becomes BGN 12.00.

The decision for the change was made by the FSC under No 844-ГФ from 9.12.2016 and was promulgated in State Gazette on 27.12.2016. 
Тhe changes following the decision of the FSC do not affect Bulstrad’s Tariff for Motor Third-Party Liability insurance.

Таriff as of 23 December 2016 
1. All passenger cars and other types of motor vehicles are grouped by region and registration number in the following manner:

Region I - C, CA, CB
Region II - B, PB
Region III - BT, EB, EH, H, OB, PA, PK, PP, CO, CH, T, TX, E
Region IV - А, К, СМ, СТ, У, Х
Region V - ВР, ВН, КН, М, Р, СС;

All municipalities in the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte, Sliven and Shumen, except for the regional centers, become part of Region IV of the Tariff!

2. Passenger vehicles registered under Category No 1 according to item (J) – i.e. the category of the motor vehicle stated on the registration certificate, part I or part II, are subject to the tariff for passenger vehicles according to engine capacity.
Discount of 20% for all passenger vehicles under Region V, provided that the clients have a valid Casco or Home Property insurance with the company.

The tariff includes in the price the Green Card certificate, which covers the territory of all member states of the Green Card international agreement. The validity period of the Green Card certificate is the same as the validity period of the Motor Third Party Liability insurance policy. 

Limits of Liability

1. for non-material and material damages as a result of bodily injury or death – up to BGN 10,000,000 for one event, irrespective of the number of injured persons. 

2. for property damages – up to BGN 2,000,000 for one event, irrespective of the number of affected persons.        

Period of insurance

- 1 /one/ year

Complex ASSISTANCE for clients of Bulstrad with Motor Third Party Liability insurance!


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