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Carrier`s Liability (CMR)

Carrier`s Liability (CMR)

The insurance covers the carrier`s liability in respect of claims for loss or damage to the goods, arising in the course of the transportation.

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP will indemnify any loss or damage to the conveyed goods up to their real value, which shall not exceed:

At the request of the client and against payment of additional premium BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP offers a higher limit of carrier’s liability:

The insurance can be extended by issuing an endorsement to cover the carrier’s liability for damage to containers or container equipment, resulting from a road accident, fire or natural disasters.

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP will recover expenses incurred for:

The insurance is taken out either on a time basis (for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year) or a voyage basis.

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