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Professional Indemnity of Lawyers

Professional Indemnity of Lawyers

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP indemnifies the insured for any claim made against him/her, arising from liability for property damage to his client or a third party as a result of breach of his/her professional duty as lawyer because of negligence, error or omission or other breach of professional duty (gross negligence), as well as the duties of his/her:

with regard to local and foreign entities.

The sum insured (limit of liability) is fixed per insured event and as a total limit of liability in the aggregate for all occurrences within the period of the insurance policy.

Against payment of additional premium BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP will indemnify the insured for loss of money or any other property in ownership or in the custody of the insured resulting from a fraudulent act or error or omission of an apprentice or an employee in the lawyer’s office.

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