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Increased capital of Bulstrad Plc

27 july 2006 By virtue of a judgment of Sofia City Court from 23.06.2006 an increase of the Bulstrad capital was registered from BGN 14,100,000 to BGN 19,740,000. 

A symbol of the freedom of speech

26 july 2006 On 25th July in front of the building of the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) in the presence of many guests a sculpture named The Truth about the Pen was inaugurated.The work was presented by the “inspirers” of the idea - Rumen Yantchev, Chief Executive of Bulstrad Plc and Maxim Minchev - Director General of BTA. The sculpture is created by the prominent author Stavri Kalinov, it is...

Bulstrad insures the freedom of speech

20 july 2006 For the first time in Bulgaria Bulstrad Plc launched a Media Risk policy in support of independent and fair journalism in Bulgaria. The insurance covers the risks faced by the media while discharging their professional duty to provide the public with fair and correct information. In Great Britain only in the last year court decisions had been passed for libel, misrepresentation and infringement...

Bulstrad illuminated Orlov most

02 june 2006 Sofia, 9 p.m. on 1st June 2006. Orlov most, which is one of the emblematic places in Sofia was illuminated thanks to the efforts of Bulstrad Plc. The initiative was a part of the series of activities which mark the 45th anniversary of the company. At the ceremony which included a fire show, the Chief executive of Bulstrad handed over to the mayor of Sofia a contract for insurance of this...

Nice tradition

27 march 2006 In the last two years an admirable initiative of Bulstrad is that the company supplies the Zoo in Sofia with high quality food for its animals, such as tigers, lions and panthers.

Bulstrad Plc received the prize for best insurance credit product for 2005

22 february 2006 For third successive year Bulstrad Plc won the prize Financial Product of the Year at the International Financial Exhibition Banks, Investments, Money in the category Insurance. This year the prize was awarded to the Combined insurance policy of Bulstrad, which is unique for the Bulgarian market. It covers household property together with compulsory motor third party liability and personal...
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