Little Giants’ Successful Start in Varna

Little Giants’ Successful Start in Varna

Little Giants’ Successful Start in Varna

11 teams of students from the fifth and sixth grade in Varna and the region competed for a chance to take part in the final games for the Bulstrad Cup 2018.

The Little Giants national mini volleyball tournament for the Bulstrad Cup 2018 was launched successfully in the sea capital of Bulgaria. The first event of the competition brought together more than 120 students from Varna and also from Suvorovo, Dalgopol and the village of Polyatsite in the Varna region.

The mini volleyball games took place in the multifunctional sports hall of the First Language School in Varna, were 11 teams tested their strength for a chance to qualify for the final games in Razlog on 20 October.

Winner for the Varna zone was the team from Nikola Vaptsarov Secondary School in the town of Suvorovo.

The team to win in the Little Giants tournament will be presented with the Bulstrad Cup 2018 and a special prize of summer camp attendance. Plenty of surprises and other awards await all participants and the audience of the games.

Little Giants is an initiative of ZAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP promoting healthy and active lifestyle among pre-teens and supporting the development of the volleyball sport in Bulgaria. Little Giants is organized with the support of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation and the municipalities of Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora and Razlog.


Upcoming game events:



3 October 2018 /Wed/, 16:00 hrs.

Meden Rudnik Sports Hall



4 October 2018 /Thu/, 16:00 hrs.

Ivan Vazov Sports Hall



9 October 2018 /Tue/, 16:00 hrs.

Sikonko Sports Hall



20 October 2018 /Sat/

Septemvri Sports Hall



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