Bulstrad introduces online submission of notification for Motor Casco insurance claims

For the convenience and health safety of its clients BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has provided the possibility to submit online a notification of occurrence of an insurance event through the Company’s website.

Scope of the service

Online submission of a notification for damages is available for Motor Casco insurances regarding all covered risks, except for the risks of “Theft (Robbery)”, “Fire” and “Explosion” within the meaning of the General Conditions of the respective insurance product.

Purpose of the online notification of an insurance event

With the introduction of an online notification of an insurance event, BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP aims to facilitate the procedure of submitting insurance claims, by minimizing the need for filling in documents and in-person time spent at the claim service centers of the company. This is why in order to use this online service, it is mandatory for the client to provide to the company a contact email address for the claim and to declare that this email address will be used to receive notifications regarding one’s insurance contracts.

Using the online notification of occurrence of an insurance event

The service is available on the website of BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP, under the Services menu: Casco Claim Notification.

The electronic form needs to be filled in correctly and in full, in compliance with the required fields.

Upon successful submission, the claimant will receive an automatic message at the specified email address with a copy of the submitted notification.

In a separate email, BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP will inform the claimant if the submitted notification is filled in properly:

  • In case of omissions in the form, you will receive instructions to make corrections and/or undertake other actions;
  • Provided that all required fields on the form are filled in correctly and in full, you will receive an incoming (reference number), the number of the registered claim in the information system of the company, as well as instructions about the next steps in the processing of the claim. In accordance with the time periods specified in the General Conditions of the Motor Casco insurance and the instructions given by the insurer, the client will need to visit a claim service center of BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP for the documentary processing of the claim and for inspection and description of the damages to the insured motor vehicle.


You can find up-to-date addresses of the customer claims centers of BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP HERE.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us HERE.