Bulstrad Casco 100   

Bulstrad Casco 100

CASCO for BGN 100!

BULSTRAD Casco 100 is an innovative product focused on the provision of insurance for the mass vehicles on the market, at the lowest possible price!
The sum insured is selected by the customer and corresponds to the vehicle’s market value. The cover includes the risk of theft.

The INSURANCE covers the following risks:

  • Traffic accident;
  • Hurricane, flood, lightning strike, hailstorm;
  • Landslide/land subsidence;
  • Accumulation of snow and ice;
  • Fire while the vehicle is or is not in motion;
  • Malicious acts of third parties;
  • Противозаконно отнемане на СПС.

Valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The insurance premium is fixed (not deferred in installments) and depends on the sum insured:

  • Premium of BGN 100 for a sum insured of BGN 2,000
  • Premium of BGN 130 for a sum insured of BGN 3,000
  • Premium of BGN 150 for a sum insured of BGN 4,000


The minimum premium amount includes a fixed advance bonus, depending on the selected sum insured.

  • For a BGN 100 premium – a fixed bonus of BGN 20 (paid on the first claim).
  • For a BGN 130 premium – a fixed bonus of BGN 30 (paid on the first claim).
  • For a BGN 150 premium – a fixed bonus of BGN 40 (paid on the first claim).

The Insurer’s limit of liability up to the amount of the sum insured, but not more than the actual value of the motor vehicle as on the date of the insured occurrence. 

ИДЗП Каско 100

was founded on 31 July 1961. Since then the company has developed all lines of insurance and reinsurance business, such as aviation and marine, in which we have a leading position on the Bulgarian insurance market; cargo and property, motor insurance, construction-and-erection risks, personal lines and others.

In 1967, the Company registered its broking company in London, EUROPEAN INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE BROKERS (EIRB).