Casco Standard is a quality basic product combining various clauses for the optimum protection of your vehicle at a competitive price. Additional covers and solutions may be added at the wish of the customer.

The insurance can be taken for all types of motor vehicles.


Tariff of the Casco Standard insurance


THE INSURANCE COVER includes the following standard risks:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • Storm, hurricane, hailstorm, flood, land subsidence or landslide, falling objects, trees or branches due to natural perils;
  • Pressure from natural snow accumulation, which the concentration of great mass per unit area as a result of heavy snow precipitation.
  • Falling of ice blocks or snow masses, which is the detachment or sliding of large masses of snow or ice blocks in case of sudden meteorological changes.
  • Traffic accident;
  • Damage of the insured MV while parked, by another vehicle;
  • Damage of the insured MV, by falling objects from buildings, aircraft, trees or branches;
  • Malicious acts of third parties such as scratching, drilling, pouring paint or other chemicals on the MV; breaking of locking devices, antenna, glass, internal equipment (incl. insured additionally fitted fixed equipment), rear-view mirrors, factory-installed emblems and strips; cutting or puncturing of tyres.
  • Тheft or robbery of MV;
    • Theft or robbery of additionally fitted stationary equipment in the compartment of the MV, in consideration of additional insurance premium;
  • Unlawful taking away of the MV with the purpose to use it;
  • Arson or explosion.

Covers for one or more the following risk groups are offered against extra payment:

  • The Bonus Casco Clause covers all risks, except for the expressly excluded risks listed for this insurance, such as damage caused by rodents, animals, birds, firearms, etc.
  • Strikes, lockouts and other similar events;
  • Impact wave from an airplane or other aircraft moving at sonic or supersonic speed
  • Using the MV for training, participation in races or training sessions for them, tests, experiments, durability tests and the like.



IPID Casco Standard