Voluntary Personal Accident Insurance of Passengers in the Motor Vehicle   

Voluntary Personal Accident of the Passengers in the Motor Vehicle Insurance

Personal Accident of Passengers in the Motor Vehicle

BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP covers personal damage of the injured persons travelling in the vehicle, in case of permanent disablement or death as a consequence of injuries sustained in a traffic accident. The insurance cover commences at the time of entering the vehicle until the moment of existing the vehicle. 

The sum insured is determined by you according to the following limits:

  • BGN 10,000
  • BGN 20,000
  • BGN 30,000
  • other, as agreed

The insurance indemnity is provided in equal amounts to the number of injured persons in the motor vehicle. Thus, the amount represents the limit of liability for each of them. Injured persons receive indemnity depending on the determined percentage of permanent disablement. In case of fatal accidents, the indemnity is paid in full to the lawful heirs.

ИДЗП Злополука на лицата в МПС

was founded on 31 July 1961. Since then the company has developed all lines of insurance and reinsurance business, such as aviation and marine, in which we have a leading position on the Bulgarian insurance market; cargo and property, motor insurance, construction-and-erection risks, personal lines and others.

In 1967, the Company registered its broking company in London, EUROPEAN INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE BROKERS (EIRB).