Construction and Excavation Machinery Insurance /CASCO of machinery/   

Construction and Excavation Machinery Insurance /CASCO of Machinery/

The policy is designed for construction and excavation machinery and equipment used in the construction industry.

Bulstrad will compensate the insured entity for the direct loss or damage of insured property located within the territorial limits specified in the policy due to occurrence of unforeseen and sudden insurance events such as:

  • short circuit, power surge, insufficient or damaged isolation of the electric system of the equipment, and such damage of the property will be covered, even if the occurrence involves a light or heat-related or explosive event;
  • insufficient water in steam boilers and other water heaters;
  • implosion or other effects as a result of vacuum;
  • overpressure and explosion;
  • failure or malfunction of air-handling, refrigeration or heating installations, as well as of measuring and control equipment or equipment providing for the safety of other measuring, control and safety equipment, unless due to construction errors, errors made during installation; defects of the molded parts or the material, poor manufacturing of details;
  • storm /strong wind /, hurricane, torrential rain, hail, freezing, flood;
  • external events with mechanical impact;
  • fire and lightning;
  • malicious acts of third parties;
  • burglary theft;
  • robbery;
  • collision, derailing, fall, land collapse, collapse of roof structures, of construction excavations, bridges, railroad lines, flooding and influx of alluvial soil, land subsidence or landslide, rockslide, avalanche, falling rocks;

ИДЗП Строителни и земекопни машини

was founded on 31 July 1961. Since then the company has developed all lines of insurance and reinsurance business, such as aviation and marine, in which we have a leading position on the Bulgarian insurance market; cargo and property, motor insurance, construction-and-erection risks, personal lines and others.

In 1967, the Company registered its broking company in London, EUROPEAN INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE BROKERS (EIRB).