Bulstrad Casco Hail

Bulstrad Casco Hail

BULSTRAD Casco Hail is designed to protect your vehicle against loss or partial damage due to hailstorm. The insurance provides indemnity for all damage caused by hail: breakage, fractures or damage, including consequential damage caused by the breakage of vehicle glass.

The sum insured is selected by the client and corresponds to the market value of the vehicle.

The INSURANCE covers the following risks:

  • Hail


Valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The insurance premium is fixed (not deferred installments) and depends on the sum insured:

  • Premium of BGN 30 for a sum insured of BGN 2,000
  • Premium of BGN 50 for a sum insured of BGN 4,000.

The insurance period is fixed and based on the sum insured chosen by the applicant for insurance. The premium is paid one-off.

The sum insured represents the Insurer’s limit of liability during the insurance period.


* BULSTRAD Casco Hail can be concluded only for vehicles with a valid Motor Third Party Liability insurance from Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.

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