The Little Giants Challenge ends with announcing three big winners

The Little Giants Challenge ends with announcing three big winners

The Little Giants Challenge ends with announcing three big winners

A special committee has selected the most original video clips in the challenge for the longest volleyball pass created online, and the winner teams will receive sports uniform awards

The Little Giants Challenge culminated with the selection of schools to receive the big award for most original video. All participants in the challenge have received a volleyball net set and a volleyball ball, for contributing to the longest volley online pass. 

A committee on behalf of the organizers selected the three most creative clips submitted for participation in the Little Giants Challenge. The five-member committee has assessed the video clips according to the following criteria for originality: location, filming, interesting outfits or other creative elements used in the video. 

The schools distinguished for their creativity which will receive awards are:  

-  102 Panayot Volov Primary School, Sofia

-  Hristo Botev Primary School, Pomorie

-   St. St. Cyril and Methodius Combined School, Pletena

The winners will be awarded sports uniforms, which, we hope, will inspire them to embark on new sports and creativity quests.

The 2020 Little Giants Challenge for the longest volleyball online pass has covered a distance of over 14,000 km through virtual passing of the ball among schools across the entire of Bulgaria. The video with the participation of all schools may be watched on, on the official channel of Bulstrad on Youtube, or on the Little Giants fan page on Facebook. 

The challenge was joined by 47 schools in 30 locations from 16 regions, whose students discovered ways to pass the ball forward in spite of the changing situation due to the pandemic and the distance learning regime of the schools.

At the same time, 12 popular Bulgarian TikTok influencers provided symbolic support for the initiative, by passing the ball on the TikTok platform. Their pass has been viewed more than 780 thousand times.