Construction and Erection Risks

Construction and Erection Risks

Investors, contractors or subcontractors may take up insurance for any public, industrial, engineering or private building sites under the Construction and Erection Risks policy of ZEAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.

Subject of insurance:

  • the entire building site;
  • the construction works performed under the contract;
  • materials;
  • plant and machinery;
  • investor's or contractor's legal liability for material damage or bodily injury caused to third parties.

ZEAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group provides cover for:

  • All risks, as well as compensation in case of destruction or damage of the insured property;
  • Liability for losses related to the health, life or property of third parties.

ZEAD Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group may cover additionally:

  • Loss or damage as a result of strike, riot or civil unrest.
  • Warranty services of construction works.
  • Extra charges for overtime, night work, work on public holidays, express freight.
  • Damage due to earthquake.
  • Property in off-site storage.
  • Damage of underground cables, pipes and other facilities.
  • Designer’s risk.
  • Vibrations, removal or weakening of support.

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