Hotelier and Restaurateur Liability

Hotelier and Restaurateur Liability

ZEAD BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP covers the liability of hoteliers / restaurateurs for:

  • total or partial loss or damage to property /except for motor vehicles/, as well as
  • death, bodily injury and/or acute illness caused as a result of an accident or poisoning after consumption of food and drinks provided by the Insured on the territory of the hotel/restaurant to their guests, clients or visitors during or in relation to the conduct of business.

Against payment of additional premium, BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP shall cover any damages to third parties resulting from the public liability of the hotelier / restaurateur:

  • in connection with the operation of pools, fitness centers, saunas, massage centers, playgrounds, night clubs, etc.;
  • for vehicles belonging to the hotel guests, while parked in the designated parking lot or garage of the Insured (except theft or robbery);
  • for burglary of personal belongings from guest rooms, except for cash, checks, jewelry and precious metal jewelry, valuables, etc. that have not been placed for storage in a special safe provided by the hotel keeper;
  • in the cases when additional services are delivered outside the hotel/restaurant territory, however, only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

This insurance cover is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

ИДЗП Отговорност на хотелиера и ресторантьора