The policy is designed for micro and small business companies, operating chiefly in the commerce and service sectors. The insurance covers assets with a total sum insured of up to BGN 1,000,000.

This group of business includes:

  • Various commercial sites – shops, commercial centers, catering establishments;
  • Outlets for consumer services (dry cleaning, repair, maintenance);
  • Another large group of sites for which the product is intended includes business offices, specialized medical services (doctors, dentists), etc.


  • Faster and easier procedure for conclusion of the policy /it takes less than 10 min/, without a requirement for a questionnaire to be filled out by the insurance applicant or a preliminary inspection by an expert from Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.
  • Optimum combination of insurance risks with the following Basic Cover:
    1. Fire (incl. fire-extinguishing consequences), explosion, implosion, lightning, falling aircraft or objects thereof, natural disasters, incl. storm, hurricane, hail, torrential rain, damage from falling trees and branches as a result of natural perils, freezing, landslide or land subsidence; Pressure from natural accumulation of snow or ice; Drench as a result of breakdown of water supply, sewerage, heating, or steam installation and appliances attached thereto; Malicious acts of third parties (vandalism), incl. through arson and/or malicious use of explosive devices and materials; Impact damage to the insured property by a road vehicle or animal which is not property of the Insured or persons employed therewith;
    2. Breakage of glass as a result of the risks covered under it. 1, with a limit of liability of 5% of the sum insured of the building;
    3. Additional expenses for removal of the consequences from the occurred insurance event (expenses for debris removal and expert fees), at the amount of 5% from the total sum insured of the insured properties, but not more than BGN 10,000 (ten thousand).


Plus additional covers for:

  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Burglary theft and robbery
  • Glass – all risks
  • Short circuit or current rush of electric installations and/or appliances
  • Theft by use of technical devices
  • Drench as a result of water leakage from sprinkler installations
  • Money in cash register
  • Spoilage
  • Third party liability
  • Tenant’s liability
  • Damage due to attempted burglary theft or robbery

Opportunity to choose a standard option from the basic cover or one based on the individual preference of the insurance applicant. 

In case of an insurance event to buildings, technical and office equipment and furnishings, BULSTRAD will pay indemnity for the entire amount of damages, but not more than the sum insured specified in the policy, irrespective of underinsurance.

Attractive price offers, including discounts of at least 10% for clients of BULSTRAD with other insurance products.

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