Stay home – pay your premium installments online! Uninterrupted business processes and workflow ensured at all units of BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP

Stay home – pay your premium installments online!

Bulstrad introduces online payment service for premium installments under active policies.


For the convenience and safety of our customers during the state of emergency in the country, BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP has introduced online payment of premium installments under active policies, through the company website.

The service is currently available for all insurance products.

How to pay your insurance installments through the website

  • Enter your profile at
  • or select Policy Installments Status under the Services menu 

You will be able to make a payment even if you do not have a client profile on

If you have not registered on the website yet, we recommend to you to take advantage of this service: you will be sent SMS and/or email alerts about coming payment due dates or expiring policies, you will receive email confirmations for successful online payment of installments, as well as numerous other special benefits.

More information about the work process at the offices of Bulstrad across the country:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us HERE.